Every Restaurant Business Ever: A tale of Passion to running a Business

The restaurant business is such a widespread, popular, and extremely “close to your heart” business. Well, not just for the owner, but also for the customers. Every customer has a favorite coffee/ breakfast/ dinner spot in every city. Sometimes when they feel adventurous, they go and try new ones based on millions of recommendations across the web.

The owner, on the other hand, has one establishment that they are so passionate about, which started with “that one thing” their city was missing, or that one thing they have the expertise in and they marinated that idea, kept it overnight, and presented the best food joint to everyone. Yes, that is 90% of restaurateurs’ story.

Do you want to see the most passionate people on earth? Go to a restaurant owner and ask them about their journey. It is all around food and the way they describe it is like music to your ears, absolutely pure love.

I remember talking to owners of The Mad House Cafe & Nomad baker, Regina and Varun, their story of how they met and carried fresh homemade food on an Activa to sell outside a university in Ahmedabad. And now 8 years later, they own 2 brands, 4 outlets and if you ask them their journey again, the facts might be distorted but ask them about food, it is like love at first sight, so much passion, so much fondness.

That is how passionate a restaurant owner is for food, even with all the struggles and the highs and lows.

Sometimes while your (restaurant owners’) love for food is constant but the business is growing, you sidetrack this passion and get so busy with all the small managerial tasks- employees, accounting, taxes, inventory. It is a vicious cycle, never stops. But thank god for restaurant management software that tries to make your life easy to get you back to your passion.

Well, I am writing this to tell you, because I have been there and I get it! How? Because I love food, I want to run a restaurant someday and I work in the restaurant industry and I see all of this on a day to day basis.

On a side note, I personally want to thank each and every restaurant owner to present us with such mouth-watering, delicious food in every city, around the globe, for surviving all the falls and keeping this passion alive. If you were not there, I would be a hungry, sad, very sad person.

Lastly, I feel it is time you understand and step down from these day to day operations and bring your focus back to your passion and let us handle your precious restaurant. We believe in you, just believe in us too!

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